Friday, October 3, 2008

Back from Cancun

We are all back from Cancun now and had a fantastic end of the season party. The awards banquet was great and only 4 hours this year! I will be posting pictures as soon as I get out from under my pile of work.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

College Works Painting

Chad Rose - Payroll God from College Works Painting in Cancun just hanging out for our annual Cancun trip.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

College Works Painting of Texas prides itself of being the leading provider of house painting services in Texas and across the United States. Each year, our team of enthusiastic and well-trained branch managers set the standard for courteous customer service, clean, safe job sites, and high quality workmanship. And, for peace of mind, all of our house painting projects come with an iron-clad warranty backed by the strength of a national company. Our process starts with a visit by one of our Texas branch managers who will provide you with a detailed painting estimate based on your specific needs and goals for your home. Each College Works Painting branch manager is a college student interested in a future career in business management or leadership, so you can expect to be impressed by their professionalism, punctuality and attention to detail. You will be provided with examples of past work, numerous reference letters from past clients, a timeline for the painting project and an approximate summer start date. Once the job begins, you can expect consistent communication with the branch manager as he or she actively supervises the progress of the painting project, sets goals and standards with the painters and ensures strict adherence to company quality and safety programs. Branch managers perform a daily walk-through the paint project at your convenience to discuss the progress of the job and demonstrate the high quality workmanship performed that day. On completion, the branch operator will conduct a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction with the paint job. College Works Painting policy is that final payment is only due upon 100% customer satisfaction with the paint job performed. Upon payment, you will receive a detailed copy of the Guarantee of Quality for your records which will list the type of paint used and the color number for your future reference. Thank you for your interest in College Works Painting. We look forward to serving your painting needs this year and adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Who Is College Works Painting? National Services Group developed the College Works Painting internship to give local college students an opportunity to acquire real-world business and leadership skills through business ownership. Since 1987, thousands of students have completed our rigorous program that teaches them work ethic, management skills and leadership. Above all, our branch operators learn that customer service and quality workmanship are the hallmarks of any successful enterprise. Request a free estimate today to get "A Great Paint Job at a Fair Price" and experience the extraordinary service and quality of College Works Painting. Frequently Asked Questions How do your prices compare to other contractors? College Works prices are very competitive when you are comparing the same service. College Works Painting uses only 100% Acrylic Paints from the top manufacturers like Kelly-Moore and Parker Paints. We focus on only top notch preparation in order to make your job last and we carry full workers compensation coverage as well as $1,000,000 in liability insurance. When you combine this with a 2 year guarantee and compare us to other contractors we know you will find us to be the best value around. How does your guarantee work? The Guarantee of Quality is backed by the company, which means that if anything goes wrong with your job as a result of work we performed the company will fix it free of charge for labor and materials for 2 full years. Most companies offer a "paint only" guarantee, whereas College Works Painting makes sure the painting job on your home will last for years. Are they really students? All of the College Works Branch Operators are college students. The program is designed to allow college students to have a real life business experience and to earn money for the high cost of tuition. The painters on each crew may or may not be college students and have experience ranging up to 8-10 years. Will they be practicing on my home? Are they just learning to paint? Each Branch Operator is put through an extensive training program during the spring months so they are completely prepared to take care of your home. The experience of the painters varies, however we will not leave inexperienced people to paint your home. We guarantee that you, like thousands of others, will be happy with our work. Can you give me a ballpark estimate over the phone? An average 3 bedroom 2 bath home will cost approximately $2000 to paint. However our Branch Operator can give you an exact number by coming out and giving you an actual estimate. Do we paint interiors? Do you mow lawns, handyman work, etc.? No, we focus on what we do best, outdoor painting. Why should I not hire a "professional" painter or someone who has been painting longer? Once you take a thorough look at the College Works Painting Program we believe you'll agree that no other painting company is as thorough or has the training or does the screening that College Works Painting does with its employees. Professionalism by definition has little to do with how long someone has been doing a particular job but more to do with how serious, committed and well trained they are. By this definition and the fact that College Works Painting one of the largest residential painting companies in the nation, painting 2000 homes in the last 2 years, College Works Painting is the company by which others judge themselves. What kind of safety precautions do you have? Safety is the most important part of any job. College Works Painting's Safety Program includes on-site manuals and weekly safety briefings of which are the most advanced in the industry. Feel free to ask the Crew Chief to see the on-site safety program. We are very proud of it. It is a good practice to make sure any contractor you have doing work on your home has an on-sight written safety program as it is the law and lowers the risk of any possible problems. Maybe I should paint it myself. What do I need to do that? If you would rather paint your home yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind: the retail paint cost (even with the discount we will give you) for an average 3 bedroom house will be between $500-600; the equipment necessary, brushes, rollers, drop clothes, ladders will have to be purchased and a paint sprayer rents at $60 a day. The time it will take if you're experienced and trained is roughly 50-60 hours of labor and that's our people following a system we've used and refined over the years. The College Works Painting Premium Service Plan College Works Painting always provides a quality service with high quality products. The standard paint job we provide is designed to last 5 to 7 years before a home needs to be repainted. This does not imply, however, that a paint job is bullet proof. After a couple of years, minor cracks and peeling will begin to show as the home shifts. High sun exposure areas also put a beating on paint. Our premium service plan is designed to provide you with the absolute best products on the painting market today and even more extensive preparation to bolster paint adhesion to these surfaces. This upgrade will add 2 to 4 years to the life of the paint job as well as make the color you have chosen appear richer and brighter. This is what our premium service plan provides you with: Pressure Washing of Entire House Full Prime Coat Finish Coat The Guarantee Six-Year "Price Freeze" Pressure Washing of Entire House There is only one way to remove multiple years of dirt build-up on your home -- pressure washing. Using specialized power washing equipment enables us to remove dirt, salts, and other mineral deposits that are absorbed into the grain of the wood and pores of the stucco. The cleaner the surface, the better the paint will bond. We can also return your patio or driveway to its natural color by stripping away the dirt and grime. Full Prime Coat The purpose of paint is to beautify and protect your home. A second coat to your home provides an extra level of both. Paint is latex based, which means a thin layer of rubbery plastic is sealing your home. Two coats is like doubling up a plastic trash bag, which means it's a lot less likely to "break." Primer is used as a base coat because of its epoxy bonding agents which are designed to stick to the surface it is applied to like glue. This allows the finish coat to go on more evenly and provide a thicker outer surface. Finish Coat The top coat will be 100% acrylic paint. This is much more durable than vinyl or other latex based paints. As it dries and cures, it is providing a harder shell than other latex paints. This paint costs 50% to 60% more per gallon than any other top quality latex paint. The Guarantee We are so confident in these products and our workmanship that we have a 5-Year Guarantee on materials and 2 years on the labor. This means you pay nothing for any materials needed to repair your paint job. In years 3, 4, and 5 you only pay the cost of labor at $20/hr. We will challenge you to find any professional painter to come out for less than $25/hr. for minor repairs. As we mentioned before, no paint job is bullet proof. There may be minor cracks and peeling that could occur. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, however. A quality paint job will last for up to 10 years if every year minor paint failures are scraped, sanded, primed, and touched up with the original paint. The problem is that most people allow the problem to get worse by not touching up the job. Moisture and exposure from the sun make these minor problems worse and extensive peeling and damage to the surface occurs exponentially over the next few seasons. Our average warranty claim takes only 2 to 4 hours. Most painters are not willing to come out for such a small job. We will be willing to come out every year if you call us, and we'll inspect the job and do the necessary touch ups. Six-Year "Price Freeze" If you decide to paint your home again at the end of our service plan, we will paint it for the same original contract price. That's right, paint industry averages, including inflation, show prices rising approximately 5% a year, so your next paint job will be 30% less than our average customer six years from now. For more information, Please Visit The [College Works Painting] Website
"Mr. Romero and his crew, Joe Garcia and Fidel Gomez arrived on time and with the paint and materials as we discussed. My entire experience with all of them was great! My house looks beautiful and all specifications were met perfectly." M. Clark and T. Swanson Tucson, AZ
"Nice job. Everyone very nice. Would recommend this company to my friends and family." Mr. and Mrs. McGivern Scottsdale, AZ
"All the work was completed to my satisfaction." J. Wothe Tucson, AZ
"Jonathan and his crew were extremely professional. They did a great job, stayed on schedule and did a terrific job cleaning up." J. and S. Bateman Phoenix, AZ
"Thanks for all the hardwork!" D. Boss Scottsdale, AZ
"Very pleased with overall staff and crew." B. Kane Tucson, AZ
"Full satisfaction at great price." E. Shella Tucson, AZ
"Excellent job ? real quality job. Josh and Armando were fantastic!" S. and G. Jeffrey Tucson, AZ
"Zadok and the team of painters were very courteous, neat and clean. They performed all work very well and responded to our requests in a very timely manner. A professional job." B. Fowler Tucson, AZ